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Washington Independent Review of Books

Science News

Chronicle of Higher Education


National Geographic News


Potomac Review

  • Essay: "Carried Away" (Fall 2007)

Viral History website (guest blogger)         

Scientific American "WorldView"


The New Physician magazine

Indonesian Observer

Ford Foundation Report magazine

The Washington Post

  • "Towns Taking Pains to Plant, Preserve Trees as Environmentalism Branches Out" (10/5/1990)
  • "Stalking the Elusive Monarch" (9/7/1990)
  • "New York Facing a Shortage of Hospital Beds" (1/19/1988)
  • "Putting Geography Back on the Map" (4/20/1986)
  • "Design Firms Find Quiet Home in D.C." (6/17/1885)

Humanities magazine

  • "Medicine and the Humanities" (1-2/1992)
  • "Exploring America's Oral Traditions" (1-2/1991)
  • "Charles Peirce: An American Original" (5-6/1989)

The Jakarta Post

  • "Ancient Resin Still Supports Sumatrans" (12/21/2000)

Agenda (Scholastic magazine on K-12 education reform)

Style magazine (Baltimore)

  • "Grand Experiment" (March-April 1997)

Trustee Quarterly magazine (Assn. of Community College Trustees)

Childhood Injury Prevention Quarterly magazine

  • "Injury Surveillance in Four States: What Works and What Doesn't" (Summer 1991)

Philadelphia Inquirer

  • "Improving Methods So That More Will Make the Grade in Geography" (7/13/1986)

Common Cause magazine

  • "Nixon's Ghost Haunts the Archives" (7-8/1986)

NIDA Notes (National Institute on Drug Abuse)

  • "The Animal Rights Movement Has Closed Down and Stalled Research" (Spring/Summer 1989)

NIH Record

  • "Laser Fights Against Cancer, Heart Disease" (2/7/1989)
  • "Medical Testing--An Inexact Science?" (5/3/1988)

Health Care Competition Week newsletter

  • "AMA Plan Would Curb Malpractice Awards" (1/18/1988)
  • "Patient Logjam in New York--Could It Spread?" (1/11/1988)
  • "Medicare Rates Hinge on Budget Bill" (12/14/1987)
  • "Hospitals Brace for Mortality Reports" (12/7/1987)
  • "AIDS: Piecemeal Precautions Aren't Good Enough" (11/16/1987)
  • "HMO Surge Seen Despite Profit Slump" (11/9/1987)

Education Daily newsletter

  • "Educators Call for Bold New Approach to Science Education" (2/9/1987)





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